Online Dating Questions to Spark an Instant Connection

It is never easy to connect instantly with someone. I mean, not everyone you meet makes you feel special about yourself or encourages your feelings for them and the ongoing pandemic only fueled this issue.

Nowadays many people out of loneliness and restrictions to go out have turned to online dating. Meeting, and connecting with strangers sitting at our home from one of your in hand devices? Sure, sounds like a treat.

You might have talked, laughed, and even felt a connection with someone on a dating or social media platform but the fact that you couldn’t meet your partner in person, made you a bit cautious about your choices, potential relationship as well as the future with them. But you’re still forced to ask yourself if he/she is the one?

You doubt your choices because the person you are thinking of dating is not in front of you chilling and having deep conversations. Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages but in this technology-driven world, you will have to adapt to this sooner or later.

Usually, when people are talking with someone online, it becomes relatively easy for them to cover their insecurities, opinions and sometimes even overshadow their thoughts or questions as they don’t want these things to hamper their dating life.

You tend to keep the desire of questioning their decisions, feelings or other things, on the backfoot with the motive of not wanting to make them feel bad about themselves.

It is okay to be nervous and anxious here; I mean who would not be? After all, you are thinking of sharing your happiness and sorrows with one person whom you are dating online. You might act stupid but it will work if you are real and honest.

The most obvious thing that makes people avoid online dating questions is the “Communication gap”. You avoid it because you are weak at communicating. But you must realise, at the end of the day for any relationship to work, communication is the only key.

You can meet your partner if he is in your town, city or area but there are plenty of reasons that might be limiting this privilege. The pandemic, distance i.e your date lives too far away from you, or maybe you simply want to feel the connection before taking the next step of meeting them.

No matter what your situation is, healthy communication will always be the key in developing your relationship. You can think of hundreds of ways to make your relationship work but communication is always going to top that list.

It will not matter if you are an extrovert, introvert, or have a mixed personality, you will always find yourself short of things to talk about, especially at the beginning of your relationship or getting to know each other phase of dating.

Therefore to help in the process, below are 10 online dating questions that can help you to initiate a healthy conversation and connection :

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Online Dating Questions to Spark an Instant Connection

1. How would you describe a perfect day out?

You like anyone else in this world will more likely than not aspire for a great time with your partner. I mean, you don’t want to bore your date or even yourself.

When you are dating someone online, every time you talk to your partner, you need something new and something interesting to talk about. What better than asking them about how they would like to spend their time? Or what’s a perfect day out or even a perfect date for them.

In the run to win the heart of your partner, no one better than your date can tell you about their taste, preferences and what they consider as a great time.

You can also take this to the second level by planning your first date or meet-up together. In all honesty, this technology-driven world has turned distance merely a thought.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your date as a surprise, you can take inspiration from the answer to this online dating question and create the perfect day to woo them in the first meeting itself. These online dating questions will also save you from a lot of future turn-offs

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2. What genre do you prefer for movies and what are your favourite picks? (If she’s more into novels or fiction you can replace the movies with books or novels).

Who does love to watch a movie or series in their free time? Almost everyone and those who don’t might lean towards a good book anytime. These online questions will help you to understand the taste of your partner, and to make things interesting you can also pick one of her/his favourites and watch them together.

Even if you’re far apart, many platforms make it possible for two people to watch a movie together on two different devices.

This question can have three positive outcomes. Either you will end up finding that you both have quite similar tastes, or if it’s the other way around it can help you in getting to know about each other, for example, how sensitive or mature your partner is?

The third thing being, you will get a great opportunity to try a different genre, who knows you might end up liking it.

3. What are your goals or ambitions in your life?

Online dating questions

You would never want to date a person, who doesn’t have any ambitions in life, would you?
Two individuals in any relationship need to grow because if you are not growing the purpose of life is never served.

A relationship in which both the partners are growing is a healthy relationship. You will have a lot to talk about when both of you are working towards an aim in your life. Failures in life will also become easy to handle and you will always have a company to celebrate your success with.

When you ask the other person about their ambitions, it might lead them to experience vulnerability in front of you, which eventually makes your bond even stronger than before.

This may help you to know about their interests in life and the experiences that they’ve gained while working towards achieving their ambitions in life.

Personally speaking, I as a woman will always be more attracted to ambitious men, who have a desire to achieve their goal in their life and who don’t shy away from talking about their struggles or experiences on the road towards their success.

These online dating questions have many folds which will help you initiate a deep conversation. Therefore, overall this question can be a great ice breaker as well as something that will not let the conversation die easily.

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4. What do you expect out of a relationship?

This is one of the sensitive online dating questions to ask but you can also get to know something very interesting.

I have always observed people struggling or getting anxious while answering these types of questions because sometimes even the other person, to whom you are asking this question is not sure of what exactly they want out of a relationship which might get you confused and make things a little complicated.

Relationships are made up of many elements including happiness, adjustments, understanding, and communication. By asking these online dating questions, you can get an idea of what your partner might expect from this relationship in the future.

You would always want your partner to be serious about you rather than just having a pass time. It will create a sense of security between the both of you which is a good way to kick start your online dating journey.

This online dating question can also create a positive spark between the two of you because when two people talk about their insecurities, vulnerabilities, and most importantly their feelings.

You will get to understand them better, and eventually react better after analyzing their emotions by putting yourself in their shoes.

5. What does family ( friendship in case the matter of family is a little bitter for them) mean for you?

Questions related to family plays an important role in an online dating setup.

The family of any person is usually the closest to them. Therefore, how your date treats their family or friends may help you to get some true insight about how he/she might treat you in the near future.

Family is usually important for most of the individuals out there but even if it isn’t, no one can deny the fact that it has a huge influence on the type of personality a person possesses.

When you date a person you unconsciously give them the key to your happiness and you expect them to be sensitive towards your life, therefore it’s only justified to get to know about their relationship with their family and if it’s something that holds great importance or not.

At the end of the day. Online dating questions related to their family will help you to know a lot about their past or background by this small insight or the explanation they’ll provide you about their family.

6. What is the one thing you would do when you are financially independent?

People always dream of things that they would do when they are financially independent. You can talk about that one thing that they would do when they receive their first salary because it is always special to spend their first salary.

These kinds of online dating Questions lead to deep conversations that create sweet memories in life which makes the relationship even stronger. Online dating is not as tough as it seems when two people are genuinely involved and care about each other’s emotions.

7. What do you like the most about your life?

Life is one such topic, the online dating questions on which if asked makes things very interesting and happy. You can ask him/her about how they wish to perceive their life or what they would want to do in the upcoming phase of their life.

You can also mention what new things you would love to add to your everyday life or can talk about how you start your day.

As I mentioned earlier, life can be an interesting topic to talk about as long as you don’t end up asking some saddening online dating questions. If your date is into travelling or adventures stuff then it might become very interesting to talk about their life experiences.

You will get to know what they like or love the most in their life, which will definitely help you to understand them better.

8. Which place would you like to visit for a vacation?

Your partner may not have travelled much or at all but if they still have a dream vacation spot in their mind, you’ll open up an ocean of topics to talk about by asking this online dating question. In the meantime, you might also get one or two places to add to Your bucket list of destinations to visit.

I have seen many couples arguing about whether to pick a historic place or an amusement park for their visit. I mean, you might be a history lover and like to visit museums, churches, and places which depict a lot of the past but your partner can be someone with a completely different personality and preferences to spend their time or day on.

Therefore, online dating questions related to this topic will let you know the interests of your partner and set aside these arguments from the very beginning.

9. What are your hobbies? How do you want to explore your life?

This is one of the online dating questions that hides a diversity of topics to have a conversation on when you are dating a person online.

It is very fun to talk to a person about what they like to do when they’re free or better, talk about what you both can do together when you guys meet or go out for a date.

Life is full of ups and downs and it might become tense if you ask them a lot of serious questions. Talking about hobbies can be as interesting as playing a game. You can talk about what games they played when they were in school? or what is something that they love to do when they are alone?

Hobbies also depict the personality of a person. For example, reading books, or gaming. A reader will, probably, always keep their relationship intimate whereas a gamer would be cool. The relationship differs in every aspect when you are dating a person online.

10. How would you describe your childhood?

Childhood has a very major impact on how a person is in their later or adult life. There can be two possibilities or outcomes when you ask this question from your partner:

Either, They might have had a bad childhood which will open the wrong box of memories for them. This might not turn out to be a great start to the conversation but talking about each other’s vulnerabilities is something that brings the two people closer than ever in any relationship.

He/she might not like to talk about it at first but when they open up and let you know what they have gone through, you feel more connected with your partner at the end of the conversation.

How will you feel when you have someone to talk to on the topics like abusive childhood or rather more complicated childhood?
You will probably be blessed and happy. This is what happens when you communicate on these topics.

Secondly, there is a chance that their childhood was fun and they have a lot of happy boxes of memories to open and share with you. In this positive case, you laugh, smile, and get happy when you talk about it and might end up having a great time compared to the first case.


Dating is always special for everyone and when you date someone online, you have the opportunity to make things even more spicy and interesting. You obviously would first want to break the ice and finish the awkwardness which is also important to move forward in any relationship.

You can ask the above mentioned online dating questions to understand your partner better and communicate with them even when they are distant from you.

We meet a lot of people in our life with whom it is very difficult to vibe and create special moments but these online dating questions will ease your burden and help you initiate interesting and deep conversations.

Therefore, you can take the help of these online dating questions and make a very good impression on your partner. Although, do remember that every person has a different personality and you will need to understand your partner first and ask them questions only according to their comfort level.

Thank you for reading.

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