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Is My Wife Crazy? 8 Signs to Know for Sure

Growing up, we all have heard that marriage is a sacred institution, one which should be entered in with utmost care. But in today’s time, is marriage still considered to be sacred or a bygone tradition?

Your opinions about marriage will say a lot about how you handle situations, good or bad, in your marriage and with your partner.

Spending years on end together can take a toll on anyone. When things go sideways, it can bring out the worst in some people too. Lately, you might be noticing your wife acting a little different; unusual than how she normally is.

Does looking at her, what she says, and how she handles situations make your question, “Is my wife crazy?” Labeling someone as “crazy” is a substantial claim which should not be taken lightly.

You cannot deem her crazy if you think she’s nagging you for some reason or being grumpier than usual.

There needs to be a continuous pattern which you cannot explain without taking a closer look. The sudden shifts in her mood, stress at work or at home, and being bombarded with countless responsibilities can make anyone seem like they’re losing their minds.

So, before you start claiming your wife is crazy, you should definitely get to the bottom of the situation and understand the signs.

8 Signs You Have a Crazy Wife.

My wife is crazy

When you first make the decision of marrying your wife, you would never have imagined her to have abnormal or violent behavior.

While the dating stage may have been a bed of roses and you weren’t aware of how your wife might show certain qualities later on, it is safe to say that such behavior cannot be acceptable.

Most people admire their partners with flaws, but there are certain attributes that you should not be forgiven or overlook. If you have doubts that your wife might be crazy but you can’t put your finger on it, we may have some information that might give you a perspective.

1. Her Words are Her Weapons.

Unexplained verbal abuse and constant anger can take anyone off the edge; and you are no exception. We use words to express ourselves.

However, when these words are used to hurt, damage someone’s ego, belittle, or humiliate another person, such attacks are unacceptable.

Her anger, in that moment, takes her mental state over the top and might make her say things she wouldn’t normally utter. Whether she humiliates you in private or publicly, words can be used as a weapon that will leave emotional damage for the other person.

This is not just a wife crazy enough to spew hurtful words, this is someone who is using verbal attacks to demean her husband and control his every move.

2. She Never Takes Responsibilities for Her Actions.

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After everything that is said and done, you might wish to speak with your wife in a rational manner and try to find out what’s bothering her.

But, if you notice that she refuses to discuss anything, tries to wiggle out of the conversation, or even denies pretty much everything, it can point to her having some emotional and mental instability.

Running away from a situation or even lying and denying right to your face is not the way to handle things. It is a sure shot sign that something is definitely not right with her.

3. Her Jealousy Has No Bounds.

Seeing you with another woman, talking to a neighbor, or making plans with friends or colleagues makes her go over the deep end. She doesn’t like that you have a life apart from her and wants to spend time with other people.

Even after you’ve mentioned who you’re with and what you’re doing, she accuses you of sneaking behind your back and leaving her alone. You are entitled to have a life that doesn’t necessarily involve her, but this makes her react in a volatile manner.

4. She’s Always Angry, No Matter What.

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Anything you say, do, or think, she always has a bone to pick with you. There is absolutely nothing that can satisfy her or get her off your back. You constantly feel like you’re walking on eggshells and keeping her happy and content has become a chore.

This can make any husband think, “Is my wife crazy?” And truth be told, you’re not wrong in thinking so. Being around an angry person is too much to take for any person, especially when you’ve done nothing more than just be yourself.

5. She Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone.

When a person has a sense of great self-esteem and pride, it can make them view the world a little differently. This type of behavior can lead to narcissistic attributes which brings constant tension in a marriage.

If you ever try to bring up a previous argument or anything that she might have done or said wrongly, she will deny it vehemently.

She will think that she can do no wrong, doesn’t require any help or treatment, and certainly isn’t required to alter her behavior.

6. Her Go-to Response is Emotional Blackmail.

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Before you have the chance to speak to her about anything, she turns the tables around and threatens to end the marriage and leave you out in the cold. Either you get onboard with how she runs the show or you’re free to leave.

On the other hand, she might also start crying, show that you’re mistreating her, make you feel guilty of abandoning her. This type of manipulative and controlling behavior is toxic in a marriage.

7. Sex Is Also Another Weapon.

When it comes to physical intimacy, it can go either way. On one hand, she might use sex as a weapon and seek physical relation on a regular, too often, basis. And on the other hand, she might even withhold sex until you do what she wants.

It might seem obvious at first, but if you pay close attention to the pattern during her episode, the answer will become clearer.

8. You Have Started Feeling Insecure.

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Any individual, who wishes to take over someone else’s life, will make sure that their insecurities are at the peak. When you lose confidence in yourself and start depending on your partner, that is when you know they have become your go-to person.

No matter what you try to do in life, nothing can and will move until they approve of it. This kind of controlling behavior is not right and will make any marriage crumble.

We are all imperfect human beings, but when you use someone’s flaws against them, it is an inhumane thing to do.

8 Ways to Deal with a Crazy Wife.

No individual just loses it for no apparent reason. There has to be some reason why she’s acting like a cuckoo person and as her husband, you should at least try to find a way to help her and deal with the situation.

You may have been blindsided by your wife’s frenzy behavior, who at times, becomes highly emotional over small things. This can leave any husband asking himself, “Is my wife crazy?”

Instead of giving up on her and your marriage, it is time to take charge and figure out a way forward for both of you. Just as yourself, even your wife is going through some turmoil that requires immediate attention.

1. Avoid Calling Her “Crazy” to Her Face.

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Regardless who it is, being called “crazy” can trigger anyone to lose their cool. Even though your intentions are good and you didn’t mean to belittle her, it might make her react in a not-so-pleasant manner.

If she is on one of her moods, any negative words and behavior will negate all your efforts. Instead, be mindful of what you say to her and try to make her talk about what is bothering her truly.

2. Stay Calm and Rational All the Way Through.

In the heat of the moment, any person can be compelled to say things they don’t really mean. This is the time to show your rational behavior when you’re met with her crazy attitude.

While an argument can take a nasty turn at any point, it is your cool and collected self can deescalate the situation.

You can choose to either remove yourself from the situation completely or make her sit down, let her get everything out of the chest, and then calmly resolve the disagreement.

Even though it is easier said than done, by being the mature party, you are not enabling her; in fact, you are working towards finding a solution to the issues.

3. Seek Professional Help.

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Sometimes, no matter how much time and effort you put into working through issues, you might not reach an ideal solution.

This is when you need to seek professional assistance. You can consult a marriage counselor or a licensed therapist who can understand, analyze, and provide guidance to the two of you.

You do not want to sit at home and keep wondering, “Why is my wife crazy?” There are resources available and you need to know when to cash it in.

4. Don’t Just Walk Away.

When we mentioned earlier to “remove yourself from the situation completely”, we didn’t mean walking away from your wife and your marriage. Deserting someone, especially at the time of their needs, is the worst thing anyone can do.

You might be thinking just about your mental health, which is not a bad thing, but dissolving a marriage or deserting your wife will bring more harm to both of you. Being a bystander in your own marriage is not a responsible thing to do.

5. Take the Time and Effort to Speak Up.

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Your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and desires matter too, and it is time to speak up for yourself. Since you are giving your wife the time, space, and platform to burst out her feelings to you, it is only fair that you get the same opportunity.

In a non-judgmental way, speak up about how her behavior is affecting you on a daily basis. Be completely open and honest about your mental wellbeing, and how you wish to find a way to resolve the issues as a couple.

We are certain that once she realizes how her behavior is being received and is hurting others around, she might willingly want to find a way out of it all.

6. Set Some Boundaries and Safe Words.

You can make a list of rules and safe words to use when you think your wife is beginning to reveal her crazy spell. These words or phrases will work towards deescalating a horrible fight from the very beginning.

Instead of her lashing out at you at the worst possible moments, the boundaries that you have set will help the two of you have a civilized conversation.

Arguments and disagreements happen in a marriage. But there is always a way to get your point across to the other person. And using harsh words is not the way to go about it.

7. Never Bring Up Old Issues in a New Argument.

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Whenever you have a topic or issue up for discussion, make sure you resolve it as soon as possible. It doesn’t have to be the same day, but fighting about the same things over and over again is tiresome.

You don’t want to be stuck in a cycle where you two are repeatedly arguing about the same issues. Find a middle ground, come up to a decision or agree to disagree, and move on from it.

When you bring back old issues in a new argument, the situation becomes suffocating and too much to handle. You will end up going around in circles and never find a way or solution to anything.

8. Remember, This Too Shall Pass.

Regardless of how many times you argue in a day, a bad phase in a marriage doesn’t last forever. There are many resources available to help you two come out on the other end, happy and content.

You just have to remember that your marriage might be in a rocky condition at the moment, but it won’t always be like this. Eventually, when you both work towards resolving the issues and being each other’s partners like before, this too shall pass.

Conclusion: Never Accept Toxicity in Your Marriage.

When all the fights lead nowhere and you seriously doubt having a happy future together, what can be an acceptable decision? Ending a marriage is never a choice any individual takes lightly.

The vows you made to one another on your wedding day mean something. But when things go south and you feel like each day is a struggle to find peace, calm, and contentment, there may be an important decision to be made.

As you have reached the end of the article, you have the answer to your question, “Is my wife crazy?” However, before you put her needs and wants ahead of you, think about how your current situation is affecting your mental health.

Does continuing a marriage just for the sake of another person reasonable or fair to you? If you cannot come to a decision by yourself, ask for help from your close family members, friends, and a therapist.

With guidance from the most trusted people in your life, only then will you be able to move forward, whatever that decision may be.

Thank you for reading.

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