How to Shuffle Tarot Cards : Everything You Need to Know

It’s important to know how to shuffle tarot cards in order to connect with your intuition and to clear the energy of the cards.

The fundamentals of tarot card reading, including how to shuffle tarot card, the idea of free tarot readings, the accuracy of tarot card readings, and related myths, will all be covered in this article.


Since ancient times, tarot cards have been utilised as a divination and spiritual guiding tool. Drawing cards from a deck and analysing their meanings in order to obtain understanding of one’s past, present, or future is the process of a tarot card reading.

Knowing how to shuffle tarot cards and being aware of what a free tarot reading comprises will help you get the most out of your tarot practise, regardless of your level of experience.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards: A Beginner’s Guide

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One of the first abilities you’ll need to perfect if you’re new to tarot reading is shuffling your cards. The cards are more randomly shuffled, which makes each reading more original. We’ll go through some fundamental shuffling methods in this beginner’s guide to get you How to Shuffle Tarot Cards .

Preparing Your Tarot Deck

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It’s crucial to set up your deck before learning how to shuffle tarot cards. Here are some actions you can do to begin:

  1. Pick a deck of tarot cards that speaks to you. Take your time to choose a tarot deck that speaks to you because there are many different varieties available.
  2. Rid your tarot deck of any bad karma. Smudging the deck with sage or palo santo or leaving it outside in the moonlight for a few hours are two ways to accomplish this.
  3. Become relaxed in a peaceful location. Locate an area that is calm so that you may focus without being interrupted.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards: Basic Techniques

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Tarot card readings include How to shuffling of the cards because it helps to imbue the symbols with your energy and goals. Tarot card shuffle techniques include the following:

  1. Overhand shuffle: Holding the cards in one hand, slide small groupings of cards from the top of the deck to the bottom, then repeat this process until the entire deck has been shuffled.
  2. Hindu shuffle: Holding the deck in one hand, remove a few rows of cards from the very top and place them into the other hand. Continue doing this until the entire deck has been shuffled.
  3. Rifle shuffle: Hold the deck squarely with the small sides faced one another after cutting it in half. Release the cards and let them interlace before pulling them together with your thumbs.
  4. Wash shuffle: The cards should be spread out on a level surface and thoroughly mixed with a wiping motion before being gathered back onto a deck.

Find a shuffling method that appeals to your sense of ease and naturalness. Consider the goal of reading and the vibe you want to impart to the cards as you shuffle.

How does a tarot card reading work?

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A deck of 78 cards is used in tarot card readings, a type of divination, to provide information about the past, present, and future.

The Major Arcana, which is made up of 22 cards and represents archetypal energies and momentous life experiences, and the Minor Arcana, that is made up of 56 cards and represents commonplace circumstances and occurrences, make up the two primary categories of cards in the tarot deck.

The reader shuffles the deck before pulling cards either at the client’s request or on the basis of their own intuition during a tarot card reading.

The cards are then arranged in a spread, whether can be as straightforward as a three-card spread or as intricate as a pattern using several cards.

After that, the reader deciphers the meanings of the cards based on their position in the grew, individual meanings, and connections to other cards.

This interpretation can offer perception into the person’s life, ideas, feelings, and relationships and can aid in their quest for understanding and perspective.

Many practitioners of tarot card reading think that the cards serve as a tool for accessing the client’s unconscious mind and higher self, enabling them to find information and guidance that they might not be aware of on a conscious level.

The specific mechanisms behind how tarot card readings operate are not fully understood. Others consider tarot card reading to be a sort of spiritual or energy activity, with the cards serving as a conduit for intuitive wisdom.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards: Choosing a Spread

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Now that you know how to shuffle tarot cards, pick a spread. A spread is a particular card arrangement that aids in illuminating a certain query or problem. To get you started, consider these popular spreads:

Single Card Spread: To get an answer to a certain inquiry or gain understanding of a certain problem, draw one card.

Three Card Spread: A past, present, and future card are included in this spread. If you’re seeking for general advice on an issue, it’s an excellent choice.

Celtic Cross Spread: A more intricate spread, the Celtic Cross, offers perceptions into a range of topics, including the past, present, future, hopes and anxieties, and probable results.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards: Developing Your Intuition

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As you become more comfortable with how to shuffle tarot cards, your intuition will begin to develop. Here are some tips to help you connect with your intuition during a reading:

  1. Concentrate on the problem or question at hand. Spend a time finding your centre and concentrating on the question you wish to ask.
  2. Spend a moment relaxing your mind. Distractions and preconceived notions should be put aside.
  3. Any physical feelings deserve your attention. Pay attention to any feelings you may have because your intuition may seem as physical sensations.
  4. Embrace your gut feeling. When interpreting the cards, trust your first perceptions because your intuition is a strong tool.

Tarot card interpretations might be viewed as sinful or not depending on one’s own beliefs of cultural background. Tarot card readers have long been a popular method for divination and getting life insight, and they are frequently connected to mystical and spiritual practises.

Some religious organisations may view How to Shuffle Tarot Cards as a form of witchcraft or sin since they see them as a form of divination. Others, however, might view them as a risk-free strategy for learning about oneself and progressing personally.

Some Faq about How to shuffle tarot cards: Answered

Q. How long should I shuffle my tarot cards?

Tarot card shuffle time is completely flexible; you can do it for as long or as little as you wish.

Q. Can I let someone else shuffle my tarot cards?

Yes, you can certainly let someone else shuffle your tarot cards if you feel comfortable with it.

Q. Should I cleanse my tarot cards before shuffling them?

Many tarot readers think it’s crucial to purify and clean their decks before each use. To do this, you can place the deck in a sunny window for a few hours or hold it under running water while smudging it with palo santo or sage.


A reader of the tarot must know how to shuffle tarot cards. You may make sure that each reading is distinctive and tailored to the reader by employing simple shuffle strategies. Remember to pick a deck that speaks to you, purge any bad energy from it, and locate a peaceful place to focus. You can improve your intuition and become more adept at giving perceptive readings to both yourself and other people.

Thank you for reading.

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