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How to Manifest Someone to Text You? 10 Sure Ways

How would you respond if everything you think about becomes your reality? For centuries, human beings have always asked for things from God or some kind of a higher power.

We pray for certain people to be in our lives or things to work out how we wish for them to.

But what if we told you that there was another way to make your deepest, most cherished desires come true? And all you need to do is manifest your desires by keeping an open mind, trusting the results, and keeping a positive attitude.

This works for any aspect of your life—school, work, different types of relationships, money, or career. You possess the ability to manifest anything you want in your life all you need is to visualize it into reality.

Perhaps you’re skeptical after reading this and that is an appropriate reaction. However, if you give us a chance, we can help you understand the concept and learn how to manifest someone to text you.

What Does Manifestation Mean?

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Have you ever come across the phrase “law of attraction”? What this means is that in life, we usually attract all occurrences that come our way because of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

We always hear or are often asked to think positively as it can affect the outcomes of what we are going through in life at that moment.

So, when we wish to manifest something, it is a consequence we wish comes true through our views, positive thinking, and dedication.

It doesn’t take much effort, at least not physically, to manifest something because it is largely related to your mental capabilities. So, it takes a great deal of your mental power because you need to have a high level of concentration and belief to make it come true.

Different Techniques of Manifestation.

How to manifest someone to text you?

As we know by now, the goal for manifesting something to happen means you wish to conquer your goals.

Perhaps you have heard of some of the following techniques before. If not, read them properly to know which method is best to understand how to manifest someone to text you.

How to Manifest Someone to Text You? 10 different manifestation techniques.

1. The Two-Cup Method.

As the name suggests, take two cups and fill one with water while the other one is empty. On the first cup, you will write down your current situation—sad, desperate, lonely, or any other emotion you may be feeling.

On the second cup, you will write down what you wish to manifest—have someone to text you.

Keeping a positive and open mind, you will start pouring water from the first cup into the second cup that holds your desire. The next step is to drink that water from the second cup and believe that you are now manifesting your desire and are attracting it to become a reality.

2. The 55 x 5 Method.

While reading the rest of this article on how to manifest someone to text you, there is information about affirmations mentioned below. The 55 x 5 method is a way to transform your manifestation into an affirmation.

The way the method works is you need to write down your manifestation 55 times in a row. So, take a book and continue doing this for 5 days straight. Keep a positive mindset and follow it diligently.

3. The “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If?” Method.

By reading the name of this method, you might have figured out what it entails. In relation to how to manifest someone to text you, you will need to complete the entire question by saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if (the name) sent me a text message?”

This is all you need to say and release the words into the universe. You can use this method as many times as you’d like until your manifestation comes to fruition.

4. The Pillow Method.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you wish to manifest. The next step is to place it under your pillow that you usually sleep with before going to bed at night.

This method works because the last thought you will have at night will be about your manifestation, and the first thing in the morning you will think of will be the same.

It will not only be absorbed by your subconscious mind, but it will help you to stay positive and hopeful for the desired results.

5. The Focus Wheel Method.

You will require a large piece of paper where you need to draw a huge circle and keep it as close to the paper’s edge as possible. Then, draw another, slightly smaller circle inside and draw 12 sections between both the circles.

For every section between the two circles, write “I love…” 12 times and complete the sentence with the things or people you love.

It can be about any part of your life. Now, you will be left with a big empty space in the middle where you will write down your manifestation, “I want (the name) to send me a text message.”

The final step is to read all the 12 statements out loud and then end it with reading the middle statement.

Do this at least three times a day for as long as your manifestation is fulfilled and you’ll get the answer for how to manifest someone to text you.

6. The Manifestation Box Method.

For this method, you will need a box or a container where you will place items from the person from whom you want to receive a text message. Add pictures, movie tickets, a napkin, or any personal item from the said person.

When there is a full moon, place the box under its light and chant your manifestation over and over in your mind.

7. The 17-Seconds Method.

In order to know how to manifest someone to text you, use this method by focusing on it for 17 seconds straight. Initially you might find it difficult to hold your focus for such a long time, but with practice, it can be achievable.

You can do this anytime of the day, but the best time would be when you wake up in the morning.

Instead of checking your phone and going through all your messages and different social media apps, spend 17 seconds on what you want the most. Plus, the more you do this method, the better the results will be.

8. The 3-3-3 Method.

Similar to the 55 x 5 method, the directions for the 3-3-3 method are easy to follow. Take a book and write down your desire for the person to text you 33 times in a row. This will need to be continued for, you guessed it, 3 days straight.

It is a shorter method than the previous one we discussed but requires the same amount of dedication and concentration for the manifestation to work.

9. The 7-7-7 Method.

Although the 7-7-7 method appears to be similar to the 55 x 5 and the 3-3-3 methods, it slightly deviates from the two.

Take a book and for 7 straight days, write down what you wish to manifest 7 times in the morning and again 7 times in the evening.

This method requires you to be consistent as missing even a single session or day will have you restart the whole process.

10. The 3-6-9 Method.

Although there are several versions of the 3-6-9 method, for the purpose of your query, “how to manifest someone to text you”, this is what you need to do.

Take a book and write down your desire 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night. Thus, bringing the magical combination of the 3, 6, and 9 numbers.

10 Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You.

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As you know by now that manifesting means the things you desire the most are turned into a reality. However, it doesn’t happen overnight or without you having to put in the effort.

If you wish to make things come true, you have to work towards it wholeheartedly and in continuation. So, If you are looking to learn how to manifest someone to text you, keep reading the following steps.

1. You Will Need Clarity.

First and foremost, you need to have some sort of clarity for your manifestation. Why, you ask? Because when you are trying to get the message out into the universe, you have to be meticulous.

If you are clear on what it is you want and can convey it without any confusion, only then can the universe deliver.

2. The Message Has to Be Specific.

Be clear, concise, and specific with what it is you are trying to manifest. To find the answer on how to manifest someone to text you, you have to get each and every detail correctly.

Right from what type of text you are looking for to the name of the person to the exact contents of the text.

3. A Vision Board Is a Must.

Always create a vision board of all the different things you wish to manifest in your life.

If you want to know how to manifest someone to text you, make sure your vision clearly states it as it will help you focus on them naturally and stay at the top of your mind.

4. When You Visualize, Then You Materialize.

You may have heard about visualizing the things into reality. You have to embrace all your five senses for the process to begin. After this, your subconscious mind will become much more aware of your goals.

This will help you focus more closely on what matters the most to you, which is receiving a text from a specific person.

5. The Doubts in Your Mind Are Natural.

You will doubt the process as you go along, and it’s natural to do so. But do not let it make you stop or retrace your steps. Push through and reaffirm your goals to make it happen.

6. Let Your Actions Speak for Itself.

You may have noticed that there is an ideal mate for you out there and when you find him, the right thing to do is give in and pursue the possibilities completely.

Giving yourself the opportunity to say “yes” to new adventures with this individual is important.

Avoid the ones who you’re not attached to or match with as it will only take you further away from the one. So, when the universe is giving you the signs, listen, observe, and follow your heart.

7. Keep a Gratitude Journal.

Did you know that the Dalai Lama believes in showing gratitude or being thankful for what we have? It is said that along with your mental health, a gratitude journal is beneficial for your physical health as well.

When you are searching for answers on how to manifest someone to text you, keeping a daily gratitude journal is important.

It helps you increase positivity, reduces stress, keeps you in a better mood, can aid you in sleeping soundly, and also increase your self-esteem.

8. Chant Positive Affirmations.

We have already discussed that negative thoughts can come in our minds, which is perfectly acceptable. The goal is not stopping such thoughts from entering.

Instead, we should let them pass through us by using positive affirmations. Have a list of positive affirmations that will help you achieve your desires as it will overpower those negative feelings and help you concentrate on what matters most.

With positive thinking and goal-oriented mindset, your manifestation of having someone text you can be attainable.

9. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

In life, our thoughts, dreams, goals, expectations, desires, and beliefs, all help in making our reality. The things we believe in strongly and hold close to our hearts are sent to us by our subconscious mind.

This is how we are able to manifest them into reality. In order to do so, the few moments before we are about to fall asleep are crucial.

This is the time when the brain is most vulnerable and will absorb all the thoughts and record them into our subconscious mind. And when it is registered, it becomes a part of our belief system.

10. Relinquish Yourself to The Manifestation.

Many of us like to control the smallest aspects of our lives and that can hinder us from achieving our goals. Have you heard the quote by Stephen Chbosky, “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Well, who’s to say that you don’t deserve more than what is presented to you? Life is full of surprises and when you surrender yourself to the possibilities and truly create the life you desire, it will manifest in front of you. And that works with having someone text you back.

Conclusion: How to manifest someone to text you?

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Whether you wish to learn how to manifest someone to text you, find success, receive love from an individual, or be happy in life, it all boils down to one thing—positive thinking.

Of course, there are still many aspects that are yet to be explored and science can help only so much.

However, with the information at hand, you can use the techniques and steps mentioned in this article to manifest someone to text you.

Remember, the more you practice, you will only increase your chances of fulfilling your goals. Visualize what you want and work hard towards achieving it.

Thank you for reading.

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