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How to Get a Boyfriend in 12 Easy Steps

Are you single and very much ready to mingle? Whether you’ve been out of the dating scene for some time or have recently come out of a relationship, how to get a boyfriend may seem like a daunting question to you.

I mean let’s be honest, finding a perfect match can be a little tough in today’s world.

Going out on dates and hanging out with potential partners can be fun, but only for some time. Eventually, you will crave the idea of having someone you can rely on and come home to. Having a boyfriend is so much more than a basic want.

When you’re wondering how to get a boyfriend, what you want is a partner who is truly a part of your life; he is a person who is your soulmate, confidante, and best friend.

Once you find all these qualities in a person, trust us, you do not want to let it pass you by.

So, if you think that he’s interested in you as well but won’t make the first move, what’s stopping you from getting the ball rolling? Without looking desperate, make the first move to get the man of your dreams.

How to get a boyfriend online? 6 Ways

How to get a boyfriend?

Over the past decade or so, dating apps have become one of the most popular ways of meeting a potential partner. And now, especially due to the pandemic, its necessity has increased even more.

Of course, you cannot trust everyone you meet online and when you’re searching for answers on how to get a boyfriend, it is imperative that you’re being careful.

Follow these tips mentioned below and we are sure that you’ll be able to not only find a good guy, but make him your boyfriend in no time.

1. Your Profile Picture Says It All.

Take a picture where you feel your absolute best. Use your everyday life to inspire the profile picture as it will show them who you are in real life.

Make sure the lighting is just right, the background is not distracting, and pose naturally showcasing your beautiful smile. Keep the selfies to a minimum; instead, add a few candid shots as well.

Avoid wearing sunglasses in a profile picture as it won’t help the guys make that initial connection with you. And as a general rule, don’t use photoshop or add unnecessary filters as well.

You should aim at keeping your profile picture fun and approachable, and not be deceiving someone with unrealistic expectations.

2. A Good Bio Goes a Long Way.

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The magic remedy behind how to get a boyfriend online is a good bio. Writing a bio can be a challenge for some, but there are a few tricks to use in order to make yours stand out. Of course, you’re looking to sound unique, funny, sexy, smart, approachable, flirty, and quirky all in one.

Write something that you believe in, are passionate about, or reveal your hobbies and goals in life.

Don’t just add a quote or a cliché line about life in general. Frankly, it’s boring and it will definitely reduce your chances of being swiped right.

3. Swipe Right Only If You’re Interested.

To know how to get a boyfriend online, first and foremost, swipe right on the profiles that you’re interested in. Since the guys will check out your profile pictures and bio, and make decisions, the same advice goes to you as well.

The only way you can and will make a connection with someone is by genuinely being interested in them. Why, you ask?

Because no relationship can last a long time if it begins with deceit, false showoff, and only physical attributes.

We know that a picture and bio are very little to go on, but it is a stepping stone which will create opportunities for meaningful conversations.

4. Share Information About Yourself.

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Once you’ve made a match, now begins the part where you get to know each other before meeting in real life. This is where you can ensure you keep him hooked on to you and get to know you more.

Which means, no bragging about yourself, no making up stories to make yourself seem cool, and definitely no sharing of personal information like phone number and work & home addresses.

Not everyone can be trusted online and you need to make sure that you share things which won’t put you in harm’s way.

If he’s genuinely into you, he will respect your wishes and be impressed by it too.

5. Knock His Socks Off on the First Date.

After you decide that it’s time to meet each other face to face, now comes the time to knock his socks off in person. You know that he’s already interested, so the next step is to increase his expectations with a killer outfit.

Of course, where and what you’re doing on the first date is important to figure out which outfit you’ll be wearing.

Regardless, make sure to keep it simple yet elegant, but also choose an outfit that is comfortable and shows off all your positive sides.

Be as close to the profile picture as possible and don’t go overboard with the makeup. Meet at a public place and don’t forget to have a great time.

6. Take Things at Your Own Pace.

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For any relationship to flourish, it’s best to take your time getting to know each other and spend quality time together. Don’t think that you need to give in to the pressure of doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time.

Depending on how you feel after your first date, take things at your own pace and do not let him take the reins.

Be absolutely clear about what you’re looking for from him and this relationship, and listen to what he has to say about it as well.

Neither one of you should have unrealistic expectations that either one can’t fulfill.

How to get a boyfriend in Real Life?

Meeting someone new in real life and being able to strike a casual conversation can be daunting. On one hand, not everybody is outspoken and an extrovert, and on the other hand, some people don’t just open up to anyone.

So, in such cases, taking the initial conversations to another level can take time. But we are confident that if you follow our advice, you will surely find your future love very soon.

1. Be More Outgoing.

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Well, this suggestion is for everyone; whether you like going out with friends or not. The point is that if you’re not out there meeting new people, it’s highly unlikely that you can have the answer to how to get a boyfriend.

Guys tend to fall for women who are fun-loving, happy, confident, and open to try new things. So, when you meet someone you’re attracted to, it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation because you like similar things.

On the other hand, if you’re an introvert and being out and about isn’t really your thing, choose events or places that are more suitable to your taste.

Perhaps visit a café, library, park, museum, beach, or go bowling or at the movies with your friends. You are surely going to find a guy with similar interests.

2. You Make the First Move.

Why does society put so much pressure on men to approach women? You’re a smart, confident, and bold woman; take charge and walk up to him and introduce yourself.

If you’re really into him, give him a compliment or ask him out for a cup of coffee or drinks. Who says that only he has to make the first move? When you’re wondering how to get a boyfriend in real life, this is how you can make it happen.

Be in control of your life and don’t let a good opportunity, and a great guy, slip out of your hands. It only takes that first jolt of self-assurance and the rest will be history.

3. Let Your Friends Help You.

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Many times, we’re apprehensive of going on blind dates. This reaction is natural as we can never tell what kind of guy will show up, right?

However, you will never meet anybody that you might like if you pass up on the opportunity. So, let your friends, or even colleagues, help you in finding “the” guy.

They know you quite well and we’re sure that rarely they will let you go out on a blind date with a loser.

Give it a chance and see where the date takes you. If things are going south, have a backup plan that will help you get out of the situation fast. And by chance the date is a success, well, then, hope you have an amazing time.

4. You Buy Him a Drink.

We have all seen this move in TV shows and movies. The guy spots an attractive girl across the bar or restaurant and sends her a drink.

Well, here’s your chance to make him notice you from where he may be and whomever he may be with (just make sure he’s not on a date with another woman).

If you find him cute and want to talk to him, a drink is the quickest way to do so. He’s bound to come your way and make it happen.

5. Join a Hobby Class.

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Do you want to find someone with similar interests? Then a hobby class is the perfect place to do so.

Whether you’re into poetry reading, rock climbing, surfing, pottery, horseback riding, volunteering, paintballing, etc., the choices are abundant.

When you make a connection with someone while doing things that you both love, it becomes easier to develop it into a relationship.

You don’t have to work really hard to make them notice you and the bond between the two of you will be stronger because of the shared interest.

6. Attend a Singles’ Mixer.

Usually, some bars have singles’ nights or mixers that you can attend. It is a great way to meet new people and hangout with them safely and in public.

But make sure that you’re not drinking too much and are aware of your surroundings. As a good rule, instead of going by yourself, go with a friend who can rescue you from sticky situations.

We know that you’re at the bar to meet someone, but that doesn’t mean you forgo your safety.

Tips On How to Get a Boyfriend Easily

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Most relationships, if not all, begin with either a physical and/or emotional connection between two people.

It’s a common misconception that men only look at the physical attributes in women; however, that is not always the case.

Yes, physical attraction is important but it is not the first and only thing men tend to pursue. A deeper, much more intimate connection can only be built if the two of you find each other’s personalities striking.

So, if you want to know how to get a boyfriend, here are a few things you can do to speed up the process; or just use these tips as general measures.

  • Don’t chase a guy just because you have a crush on him. If, even after a few attempts to win his heart or interest, he doesn’t reciprocate, let him be.
  • Know what you are searching for in a boyfriend and pursue the guy who lives up to your standards.
  • Make sure you take out time for yourself and your friends. There is no point chasing after a guy and forgetting that there is a world out there apart from him.
  • Keep your goals and dreams a priority.
  • Be open to meeting new people as friends, whether it is at work, school, or when you’re out and about.

Conclusion : How to get a boyfriend?

Being able to find a boyfriend and wanting to be in a committed relationship is a wonderful thing.

A healthy relationship will help you grow as a person and your partner will encourage you to achieve all your goals and dreams.

Don’t just run after advice or suggestions from people on how to get a boyfriend. Instead, listen to your inner voice and trust your gut as it will tell you who is the right person for you.

Thank you for reading.

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