How to Be a Good Girlfriend : 13 Easy Steps

How amazing is it to have a boyfriend who supports you like a best friend, motivates you like your sibling, and loves you as parents do. But what exactly do you do on your front to be the same kind of girlfriend to your partner?

The relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend is like that of playing with puzzles. Therefore, before asking why your partner isn’t the best in the world, do some self reflection and ask yourself why you are not the best to your partner.

Now, if you happen to get a negative answer, add another question : How to be a good girlfriend ?

It is a much heard concept that humans are two twin flames of a single soul and each of us have a missing piece in us which we shall find in our Soulmate. In easy words, it becomes our responsibility to find that certain someone with whom our soul fits perfectly.

Nonetheless, this journey comprises a long difficult road, but once you find that person who checks everything on your list, it’s all worth it.

Now, let’s just assume that you are among those few fortunate people who find their perfect match, what’s the possibility that you’re everything that they aspire to get in a partner too?

You obviously can’t change your likes, dislikes or opinions and altering your personality in any way is out of question.

What you can do instead, take some small steps to make your partner feel relevant, not just say but show them you care for them and earn their trust.

How to be a good girlfriend?

How to be a good girlfriend

To make this process more easier for your understanding, below are 13 things that you can incorporate in your life to know the answer to how to be a good girlfriend, how you can have a happy relationship and be the amazing queen that your king deserves.

1. Honesty Is Surely The Best Policy.

Honesty is the basis of any relationship. If you’re seeking the answer to how to be a good girlfriend then being honest will help you cover at least half of the journey. If you are honest with your partner, I guarantee that a break up will be miles away from you people.

Especially when you are in a relationship, and you hide things of your past, present or casually hide things from your partner on a regular basis, the guilt will eat you up, and if not that, you will never learn to trust him.

You have to take that risk, show vulnerability to be close to him and open to him about everything. Only then you will have that perfect relationship that you have always dreamt off.

They will start trusting you and you will feel safe with them after sharing your secrets. Thus laying the foundation of a trustworthy and a beautiful relationship.

2. Respect Their Personal Space Too.

Everyone is entitled to “me” time. Once in a while, we feel like shutting everything and everyone down and being alone for a while.

We charge machines when their system gets down, in the same manner we need to recharge ourselves too by being away from the crowd.

So, my dear women and all the other people who want to learn how to be a good girlfriend, learn to respect your partner’s time. Respect his personal space, understand that he wants space and give some time off to him as well.

If he wants to have boy’s time out, don’t think he doesn’t want to spend time with you. His friends are a part of his life too.

Don’t think that he’s ignoring you or you are going to lose him. Instead, think of it like his battery is down and he’s recharging it. Honestly, once he’s all refreshed he’ll definitely be better than before and this will eventually have a good impact on your overall relationship.

3. Pay Attention to His Feelings.

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Be a good listener. Men barely share their feelings. It takes a lot of time for them to trust a woman enough to share their feelings. So, if he’s talking about his passion or sharing his emotions, make sure that he has your full attention.

If he suspects that you are not paying enough attention to his feelings, he’ll start to conceal them. Eventually, he will start to suffer in silence, but not say a word about it. In process tampering the whole dynamics of your relationship.

Therefore, make sure you listen to what he is saying so that he feels comfortable when he shares things with you.

The answer to how to be a good girlfriend doesn’t lie in you having to answer all of his queries or solve all his problems, but it’s true meaning lies in just being there to hear him out.

4. Learn to Accept his Flaws.

We all have flaws in life, that’s what makes us human beings. You cannot thrive to be perfect all the time. Love yourself and your partner enough to accept your as well as his flaws.

Acceptance is the key to a healthy relationship. The concept of being flawless baffles me. People need to understand that being flawless is not the key to success.

Don’t expect him to be perfect all the time. Of course, he is going to mess up a little bit, but if he loves you, he will try to make amends and give you the top priority.

A good boyfriend is not someone that buys you flowers and takes you on expensive dates, a good partner is the one that apologies for his mistakes setting his ego aside because you are way too important to him.

To know how to be a good girlfriend, you have to become a person who knows her partner’s worth and accept his shortcomings.

5. Treat him like he deserves to be treated.

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“Men don’t show emotions, Men don’t need to be pampered” — we have left these things in the late ’80s. They are human beings too and hence possess the same emotions as we do.

The answer to how to be a good girlfriend is pretty simple, treat him how you want to be treated. How can you expect him to treat you like a queen when you don’t treat him like a king?

Pamper him, talk about his feelings, care about him, tell him it is okay to cry. Men don’t want women who think that crying is a symbol of weakness. They already hear that a lot from society, they don’t want to hear the same from you too.

Be that girl who supports him and loves him enough to let him be okay with his masculinity. Let us break this chain once and forever.

6. Admire The Little Efforts.

Nowadays, it is easy to point fingers at someone rather than appreciating their efforts. We always look at the person and point out the things that they lack more than the things they have accomplished.

We all need to do better in this criteria. When you are in a relationship, don’t forget to appreciate your partner for the little things too.

We all recognize and appreciate it when they give jewellery or expensive gifts. But most of us fail to appreciate them when they put a blanket on you so that you don’t catch a cold or when he let you eat the last pizza bite, or watch a fashion show with you rather than what he’s interested in.

Admire him for every little thing that he does. Buying expensive stuff doesn’t make him a hero, remembering small things about you and taking care of them does.

Therefore, don’t forget to remember and appreciate him, admire him and adore him for everything that he does for you. This will help you in being a better girlfriend to him, improve your relationship and make it stronger than ever.

7. Strive to Be His Biggest Supporter.

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Everyone needs someone who they can rely on and count on. We all aspire for that someone who supports us in everything that we do and motivates us to be the best version of ourselves.

In a relationship, your job is not just to enjoy each other’s company or hang out but be there for each other, when in need. Curious about how to be a good girlfriend? Be his backbone, the person who motivates him to keep going and become a better version of himself.

Be his cheerleader, no matter how tough the time gets, what problems are going on in his life or what others think of him. As a girlfriend, assure him that everything will be okay soon and make him feel like he never has to worry about you not supporting him.

Make him feel at home. When he comes to you, after a long hard day all we need is only that “Home”.

8. Try to Work On Your Relationship Issues.

The biggest mistake that couples make is to leave one another after a single fight. They think ignoring each other is the right solution, they feel the other person would miss them and come back to take the blame and then things would be okay.

Isn’t this the stupidest thing you have heard? Sadly, this situation is reality for some of us.

Make sure to never go to bed angry. Always try and fix your problems instead of ignoring them. The fight may be ugly, but it is far better than bottling up all your feelings and finally bursting into a lava.

The fights only bring you closer. But ignoring your fights will make you gradually resent one another, replacing love with hatred. Make sure you tell him what is bothering you and how you can fix it. Communicating with your partner is vital.

9. Loyalty is The Bare Minimum.

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A lot of people mess up a relationship by choosing the path of infidelity, do not be one of these people.

Purposely or ‘by mistake’ do not ever make a blunder of being unfaithful to your partner. If you don’t love the person anymore or if you get any kind of feelings for a third person ( sexual or emotional), just break up with your partner first and go your separate ways.

Before asking how to be a good girlfriend, know how not to be a bad one.Don’t cheat on them and disrespect love like that. Don’t make his friends jealous or flirt with someone to get his attention.

Be in a mature and stable relationship. Have more faith and less doubt and see your relationship grow from a small seed into a big tree.

10. Be Happy And Positive Even In His Absence.

Don’t always depend on your boyfriend to make you feel whole. You are a strong independent woman and your life existed before your boyfriend too.

You cannot expect him to make you feel happy all the time. It is your job to keep yourself happy. Yes, happiness and love grow stronger when you are together but it doesn’t have to stop when you are alone.

If you are always counting on him to keep you happy and make you feel confident, you will never be able to experience true happiness.

You will always need him for everything, and that’s not the sign of a healthy relationship. If you start walking in that direction, pull yourself back and take charge of your life.

If you depend on him for everything, he will start to spend time with you because he needs to, not because he wants to.

11. Be His Unpaid therapist.

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We are all unpaid therapists to our special ones, right? When someone we love with our heart and soul is sad for some reason, we open the lock to our inner therapists and stand there with them.

Don’t feel burdened about his feelings or emotions. Instead adore him for opening up to you and sharing his profound thoughts. Be glad that your boyfriend doesn’t hide anything from you. That he loves and respects you way too much to do that.

If you’re ever curious about how to be a good girlfriend, become the wonder woman who is always ready to listen to her partner, advise him and motivate him. Be his “therapist” just by listening to him.

Assure him that he’s with someone whom he can trust and love all his life. Your relationship will open the gates to a new chapter of your life, “The one where he knew you were the one”.

12. Unity is All That Matters In a Relationship.

Nobody likes teamwork, nobody likes it when their opinions are being compromised or not taken into consideration. But we fail to acknowledge that the work will be done sooner than we thought if we just get along with our teammates.

The same goes for your relationship, don’t start a competition with one another, instead be one team and compete with others.

Be the woman who understands his man. Who knows that he is more valuable than your arguments. Have faith in your partner and always remember that you can fight like tom and Jerry, but support and love each other in the same way too.

Work as a team, and develop trust between one another and grow a strong relationship.

13. Show Some Empathy.

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Empathy is one of the most beautiful words in the English language because of it’s beautiful meaning. Always be empathetic towards your partner. Think how you would feel if someone treated you the way you are treating them right now.

As a girlfriend, you have the right to talk about your feelings as you wish, communicate with your partner about your needs and so on. But always remember not to hurt your boyfriend’s feelings in the process.

The secret of how to be a good girlfriend is in remembering that his feelings are just as valid and important as yours. Maybe he doesn’t let you know that he is hurt, but he most definitely will be thinking about what you said for a long time.

You cannot take your words or actions back, so make sure you don’t regret anything you do or say during your arguments or hots. Always think about how you would feel if he does what you are doing to him.

Conclusion : How to be a good girlfriend?

Everyone on this planet is struggling in their own ways, something that might be irrelevant to you may be of a big deal for your partner. Therefore as a partner it is your duty to give relevance to every small thing that your partner deems important.

You cannot take your partner’s problems away but you sure can be there to support them during their lows.

If you are reading this article right now, I can assure you, you are already the best girlfriend and your boyfriend is pretty lucky to have you in his life.

By taking this small step of wanting to find out how to be a good girlfriend, you’ve already raised the bar up. You’re trying to be a better girlfriend to him and at the end of the day, trying and putting efforts is all that differentiates a great girlfriend from others.

Relationships are not as easy as they seem, we need to work on them daily, nurture them, add extra love every day, subtract misunderstandings and grow them beautifully together.

Thank you for sticking with me till the very end.

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