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Does She Love Me— 11 Signs That the Answer Is a Yes

Everyone wants to know if the person that they hold closest to their heart has the same feelings for them or not.

If you’re dating a woman or you are in a relationship with her but she is yet to confess her love for you. It’s natural to get anxious and eager to know if your partner will reciprocate the same feelings for you or not.

Your mind doesn’t help but get stuck on the Question — does she love me?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not as easy as it may seem to some. Knowing and decoding the feelings of the other person can be a little tricky for most people out there.

You get a genuine concern about the feelings of the woman you’re in love with, and the curiosity doesn’t help either.

Is it easy to answer — does she love me? Absolutely not. But there are some things that you can observe or analyse to understand her and eventually find the answer to your question.

To make this process a little easier for you, below are the points that will help you to understand the feeling of your girl and make the answer to does she love me easier for you.

Does she love me? 11 signs to look for.

Does She Love Me? 11 Signs That the Answer Is a Yes

1. She listens to you patiently and tries to guide you in the right direction.

When a woman is in love with you, she will try to be a positive part of your life, guide you in the right direction and never let you make decisions that are going to harm you in any manner.

Do you ever notice that some people just sit in front of you to complete the conversation and leave the place? They are the people who hold no interest in your life. They are not bothered by your actions as it doesn’t affect them in any way.

Whereas the girl, if she loves you, will listen to you patiently. She will be there not merely to let you finish the statement but to make you feel good about yourself.

If the woman in your life wholeheartedly listens to your side of the conversation, asks you questions about you and is generally interested in your daily life. Then, there’s a good chance that the answer to the question Does she love me is likely a yes.

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2. She wouldn’t support your every decision.

The above point might have come across as a little surprising at the moment but it’s as true as reality may get to. if a woman holds you very dear to her heart, then she won’t blindly support every decision of yours.

Instead of going with the flow and letting you do whatever you want, she will help you see things more clearly by providing you her perspective over various things.

If you’re into something self-destructive or something that can cause trouble for you, she will oppose you. Not only will she do her best to pull you away from dangerous, messy or destructive decisions but will also not leave your side in such situations.

She will not only listen to you for the sake of holding a conversation but to understand and correct you if you are wrong.

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3. You are pretty high on her priority list.

A woman in love with her partner. Does she love me
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It feels good to be on someone’s priority list. The woman who loves you might not tell you that you are her priority but you’ll be able to feel it in her day to day activities.

Being on a girl’s priority list doesn’t necessarily mean that she will choose you before her friends and family but she will care for you and see you as someone important to her.

Every action by her which affects you will be taken keeping in mind your thoughts. You might not realise it but if she does loves you, she will make you feel special by considering you in everything she does.

If your partner is protective of you rather than over-protective, makes you aware of every small detail that is related to you, remembers things or is interested in things that are important to you then there’s a good chance that she loves you.

4. She doesn’t usually leave you alone.

You will always have the company of the person who loves you, especially during your low times. If this woman loves you, she will be there with you when you feel left alone and want someone to be by your side.

If she is your go-to person when you feel depressed and low, then there is a good reason behind that.

When you stay alone, you tend to look at things differently and negatively most of the time whereas when you have a person who loves you, you feel a sense of comfort in their words which help you get over the bad times.

5. She will try to make you feel special about yourself.

A woman trying to make her man feel special.
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You will feel special when someone who loves you is around you. Therefore if she makes you feel great about yourself without doing anything, then the answer to does she love me is probably a yes.

A woman who loves you will stare right into your eyes when you are talking to her. She will try to be close to you and not seem distant.

Her doings don’t necessarily have to be grand gestures but are enough to let her feelings be evident for you. Women, in general, are found to talk about their dreams, goals, aspirations and how they’re going to accomplish them in front of the person they see a future with.

6. She will make you feel good about yourself.

You get a different feeling when someone tries to make you feel special about yourself. You realise your importance.

Does she love me? Well, when a woman loves you, she will notice your shortcomings but won’t make you feel bad about them.

7. She will push you to grow in life.

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Growth is an important element in everyone’s life which ultimately makes you decide the person who stays in your life and who doesn’t.

When a woman loves you she will help you grow in life and not stay in one place struggling. She will help you find ways to grow rather than just being a stumbling block in your life.

She will help you grow when she sees it to be the right decision and confront you when you make a wrong decision. If she loves you she will give you a fresh perspective about everything.

8. She will be there in your hard times.

Hard times test the real bonds and let you decide the true relationships in your life.

You get inside a boundary when you are having a hard time whereas when you have a woman who loves you she will let you out of your comfort zone and help you to move towards your best self.

According to some psychologists, when you are in love everything just feels right and it is not something that you should take for granted because if the answer to does she love me is a positive one then she will make you feel right about yourself rather than doubt every action you take.

9. She will try to make you smile.

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If a woman loves you, she will not be able to see you sad and try to make you smile in the toughest situations. You nurture better habits and get positive affirmation in life. Your brain works differently when you try to stay positive in life.

You accept yourself with her by your side embracing your weakness. There is always a good side in every person which doesn’t come out until you accept yourself and start cheerfully living your life. If a woman loves you, she will bring that good side of you in front of you and others

The woman who loves you will not be bothered to make efforts to make you smile, instead, she will be willing to be with you even if you are going through a hard time.

10.She will act differently with you.

We have always heard people talking about how women don’t entertain being taken lightly, for granted or getting teased but if she loves you she will have a different attitude towards you.

She might nag you and annoy you in the best possible way but she will not do that with everyone around her.

She will give you all her attention even when it is not necessary and un-noticeable driven by her feelings.

A woman might ignore some trivial things when she is around other people but she will not accept even a bit of ignorance when she is in love with you.

She will get annoyed when you give importance to someone else and get jealous of seeing you with other women. You will notice the change and it will be easier to understand does she love me.

11. She will be happy around you.

A woman happy around her man.
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She will make you an important part of her life.
Understanding her will make you realise that you are an important part of her life. If your partner is usually happy and glowing around you, there’s a good chance you’re the reason behind that happiness.

If a woman loves you she will talk about her insecurities because you are important and your actions will affect her in every manner. She will explain to you things that probably don’t even need explanation. Therefore, you would know the answer to the question oes she love me.

When a person understands you, you feel accepted in this world more than ever and you try to be yourself more than ever.

Conclusion – Does she love me.

When you are curious to find whether a woman loves you or not, you ask yourself does she love me, and are more likely than not leaning or at least hoping for a positive answer.

The points that are listed above will give you a confirmation if the woman loves you and holds a strong feeling for you in her heart.

But you have to understand humans are unique beings and therefore every woman has her own unique sense of self. Similarly every woman acts differently when she’s in love, the best thing you can do is to notice that change.

According to one of the famous psychologists Robert Sternberg, there are three components of love i.e. commitment, intimacy, and passion.

Therefore, if you have a healthy dose of all three of those components in your relationship, you can expect the answer of does she love me to be a yes.

Thank you for reading.

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