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Do I Love My Boyfriend? 15 Signs That Point to a Yes

Love is subjective, open for interpretations by each and every individual on this Earth. Finding the “love of your life” is something we all want and live our lives in a way to make it come true.

Love is exhilarating, exciting, and full of passion. It is one of those experiences that takes the topmost priority in our lives. Every milestone we achieve in life might not be as fulfilling as being in love.

Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, is a beautiful notion, one which cannot be substituted with anything else. We can have all the riches in the world or be in the company of amazing people, but will still feel empty inside if we’re coming back to an empty home.

Being in a romantic relationship with someone is what we envision for ourselves, one day in life. Therefore, when you meet a special person who makes you feel like he could be “the one”, chances are you’re asking yourself the question, Do I love my boyfriend?

This is a loaded question that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or a “no”. Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world, and you want to enjoy every minute of it. And when those feelings are mutual, that’s when the real journey for a couple begins.

If you are ready to embark on that journey but are wondering do I love my boyfriend or not, here are 15 telltale signs to consider before making a decision.

Do I Love My Boyfriend? 15 Signs.

Do I love my boyfriend? 15 signs that point to a yes

Somewhere, deep inside, you already have an inclination as to how you truly feel. However, something must be stopping you or making you wonder if these feelings are real or not.

Perhaps you’re searching for some signs or a definite answer that will confirm your romantic feelings for your boyfriend.

So, before you are ready to take a leap of faith with what your heart has been hinting at, why not read through these 15 signs to clear your confusion on Do I love my boyfriend?

1. You Want to Plan a Future with Him.

Whenever we enter a romantic relationship, we expect it to last forever. Of course, this cannot be the truth for all relationships, but if two people are meant to be with one another and work towards strengthening it, there is a possibility.

You are not just dreaming about having a future with him, but are making sure that with each passing day, it can become a reality. Planning a future with someone is a huge deal for a woman, and she will not make this decision lightly.

For any long-term plans to work in a relationship, both of you will have to put the time, effort, and dedication for it to become a reality. No plans are small and with time, you will make a future that the two of you are proud of and desire.

2. You Put His Needs Before Yours.

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If you’re wondering, Do I love my boyfriend?, then ask yourself another question first. Can you put his needs before yours? It is easier said than done because being selfless in a relationship is not everybody’s cup of tea.

However, it is essential to build a strong and healthy relationship that will last a long time. When you’re falling in love with your boyfriend, all of a sudden you think more about his needs and desires than yours.

It’s not that you forget about yourself completely. In fact, how you envision your life now becomes aligned with his. You like the same things and are ready to put his needs above yours. Even if it means a slight inconvenience on your part.

3. You Take His Opinions into Consideration.

Whether it is professional or personal work, you value your boyfriend’s opinion over others. His thoughts and how he perceives a particular situation is very important to you then the answer to do I love my boyfriend is a definite yes.

This is how a strong bond is formed in a relationship and you cherish it more than anything else.

This does not mean that he dictates what you should and shouldn’t do. Not at all. In fact, he provides sensible options for whenever you’re having trouble making any kind of decisions.

4. You Trust Him with Your Eyes Closed.

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Being in love means trusting your partner wholeheartedly. Trust is the basis of all healthy and happy relationships. We don’t normally trust someone completely unless there are true and honest feelings for this person.

Trust comes in so many shapes and forms. It can be anything from not spying on each other to fidelity to knowing that he has your back and vice versa. Trust means you don’t doubt him when he’s out with some female friends.

It all boils down to how strong your relationship is and that jealousy or misleading thoughts do not make you do things you will regret later on. You are there to guide him, offer your support whenever he needs it, and be there to encourage him through tough times.

5. You Are Up for Any Kind of Adventure.

Things you never thought you’d say yes to are now all of a sudden possible. You want to try new things, have exciting experiences, and explore the world, in any shape and form, with your boyfriend. Suddenly, the thought of being spontaneous and carefree does not scare you one bit.

You want to see yourself expanding your horizons and taking chances in order to live a life worth remembering. Being adventurous, not necessarily reckless, is a voluntary emotion that comes with being in love.

So, if you’re still questioning yourself, Do I love my boyfriend? you need not to worry because you’re surely there. Just make the most of your time together and enjoy every moment that will become sweet memories for years to come.

6. You Are Ready to Do Anything for Him.

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Every love song out there has one line or sentiment in it, that you’ll do anything for him without having to ask you. When you’re in love, no request is too big and you are ready to go to the ends of the Earth for him.

Is your goal to see him happy? Are you ready to put efforts to make him happy? If yes, then why are you even asking do I love my boyfriend?

Whether it’s about making plans for the weekend, picking something up from the grocery store, or even helping him with some chores; you are always there, front and center. And the feeling is mutual between the two of you. There are no limitations for you and you are always happy to oblige.

7. You Do Not Cringe at His Flaws.

What person on this Earth doesn’t have flaws? It is what makes us unique and stand out from the rest of the people. When you love someone, you do so with everything that they are as a person.

Accepting your boyfriend, even with a few flaws, is a true sign of love. We often feel like changing others but that doesn’t have to be a necessity for everyone. If these flaws are not harming him or others around him, especially you, then it is something to be celebrated and accepted.

8. You Are Attracted to Him Beyond Physical Intimacy.

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In the beginning of any relationship, physical attraction and intimacy plays a huge role in bringing two people together. That is how a relationship begins and can form a lasting bond.

Why, you ask? Because if you are not physically attracted to someone, no amount of good conversation will make it work.

However, as the relationship grows deeper, you are attracted towards him that is beyond sex. The light kisses, cuddles, and hugs are all that you need to feel closer to him.

9. You Two Respect One Another.

If you’re confused about do I love my boyfriend, notice how he treats you. In any relationship, not just a romantic one, there needs to be mutual respect for one another. Both of you have a life apart from one another and have dreams, wishes, and wants that you wish to fulfil one day.

When you love each other, there has to be a high level of respect for who you are as an individual, not just as a couple. Only then can a relationship sustain, because without respect, it is only headed towards doom.

Using degrading words or actions towards one another is not a sign of true love. In fact, where there is love, such instances will never occur in the first place.

We have heard that actions speak louder than words. Well, do his actions express respect for you? If yes, then he’s definitely the one.

10. You Know He Will Never Hurt You Intentionally.

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In a relationship, both of you have some levels of expectations from each other. And in having these expectations, you try to fulfil them to the best of your abilities.

However, there is one thing above everything else; not causing any kind of physical and emotional damage towards you. If he has never done this to you, we are absolutely sure that he is the one for you.

11. You Have Told Him Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets.

Many of us have secrets from our pasts that we don’t necessarily share with our loved ones. And when you’re talking about your boyfriend, there may be some things you might not want to divulge.

However, when you’re in love, no secret is deep or dark enough to not share with him. You don’t want to keep secrets or things hidden from him because you know it will not matter to him. He is not going to judge you based on it and, in fact, will understand you on a more intimate level.

12. You Want Him to Meet Your Family.

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“Meeting the parents” or family is a huge step in any relationship. This is when you know that things are becoming serious and you want to show off your boyfriend to your family.

You want them to meet him and get to know him, like you do. He is an important part of your life and your family also deserves to know who he is.

Spending quality time with your family along with your boyfriend is a major step in your relationship; one which you won’t make if your heart doesn’t say yes, to do I love my boyfriend.

13. You Do Not Think About Your Exes.

We all have past relationships that didn’t end the way we had hoped they would. And even after being with someone new, there are times when we think about that one person, an ex, who might have been the one.

Although things didn’t work out for you with an ex, that doesn’t mean it will be the same with your current boyfriend. And the fact that you are so happy in the relationship and are making the most of it with him, you have forgotten all about your previous relationships.

When the presence of a person can make you forget your past, it surely is a tell-tale sign of love.

14. You Are Not Attracted Towards Other Men.

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No matter how hot they may be or inviting, your mind just doesn’t think like that anymore. You are content in your relationship with your boyfriend, and no amount of outside temptation can get to you.

It’s not that you do not notice hot men, but the need to be with someone else doesn’t cross your mind. You want your boyfriend and no one else. Now if that’s not love, we don’t know what is!?

15. You Don’t Think of Him All the Time.

This point might seem odd at first, but let us explain. When you’re in love, you feel much more secure in your relationship and aren’t constantly waiting for him to text or call you back.

You are out and about doing your own thing, working, and living life, and when the two of you get together, you are in that moment. You don’t constantly question if he’s thinking about you because you know that he is yours.

Conclusion – Do I love my boyfriend?

Love is not an epiphany or an emotion that suddenly enters your heart and life. It gradually increases and intensifies for one person who means more to you than anyone else in the world.

These are intense feelings that neither a man or a woman takes lightly. What starts as an infatuation continues to build over time and turns into deep, meaningful, and passionate feelings. When you’re around this person, nothing or no one else can occupy your thoughts.

You wish to spend every waking day with him and want to build a life with together. Of course, as the relationship becomes increasingly serious, you both will feel the same way about one another. However, expecting the other person to be in the same place, mentally, as you are might not be the right thing to do.

Hence, we suggest talking to your boyfriend about both your feelings and how do you each see the relationship progressing forward. Do not attempt to hurry through the conversation or enter it with unrealistic expectations.

Take your time in finding the right journey in your romantic relationship and give each other the time and space to get there at your own paces.

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