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Omnivert Personality: 15 Signs Show Your True Nature

Over the course of centuries, humankind has achieved the ability to evolve themselves, adapt to their surroundings, and coexist among other members of the society.

The unique personality traits and environment have helped shape their lives and how they interact with one another. But have you wondered what type of personality you possess that makes you one-of-a-kind?

You may have heard of people identifying themselves as an introvert or an extrovert, right?

Well, these are the most common personality traits and many individuals will find it easier to be in either of these categories. However, have you heard of someone classifying as an omnivert?

Wondering what omnivert meaning is? Let us find out who can identify as an omnivert. The answer may be just as interesting as your true self.

The 4 Personality Types.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but we cannot always define ourselves as an introvert or an extrovert.

Apart from these more commonly known personality traits, there are two more personality types that many of us identify as – an ambivert and an omnivert.

Now most of you may have never heard of either of these two personality traits, but there is an obvious distinction between the two.

Before we venture towards learning the differences between these two fascinating personality types, let us first shed some light on what an omnivert personality trait is and what makes an individual recognize himself or herself as one.

Omnivert meaning — What is it?

Omnivert personality type

First and foremost, let us understand what an omnivert meaning is exactly. Simply put, an omnivert is someone who displays the combined traits of an introvert and an extrovert person.

On one hand, you are the type of person who’s the life of the party and can engage an audience with the magic of your words.

On the other hand, you like staying indoors, listening to music or reading a good book, and like solitude just as much.

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Omnivert vs Ambivert.

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to stick to one place and those who feel the need to constantly move around and then there are those who fall somewhere in between.

These are the people who are comfortable with both, depending on the situation. They’re known as “omniverts.”

An omnivert is someone who can adapt to any environment, whether it’s social or work-related. They’re usually good at multitasking and managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

In a way, they’re like a chameleon – they can change their behavior and personality to fit the situation they’re in.

Ambiverts, on the other hand, tend to have more defined preferences. They may prefer certain environments or activities over others, but they’re still able to function outside of their comfort zone.

Unlike omniverts, ambiverts usually don’t enjoy constant change and prefer a more stable routine.

So, which one out of these two do you thy you are? Omnivert or ambivert?

15 Signs that Shows You’re an Omnivert.

Being an omnivert is much more than understanding yourself at a party or when you’re at home.

You face countless experiences throughout your lives and being able to identify who you truly are is crucial. In order for you to be absolutely sure, here are 15 signs that will give you the confidence to say that you are an omnivert.

1. You Enjoy Some Much-Needed Alone Time.

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Ever so often, our internal clock requires a recharge and the best thing to do is take as much time as possible to get back to 100%.

This can mean you will look forward to detaching yourself from everything and everyone; wanting to scroll through the phone, pamper yourself, or even stare blankly off into nothing.

But once you’re recharged, you yearn to be around others as loneliness creeps through and you need human interaction badly.

We are living a hectic lifestyle and, in this day, and age, either side can have a tough time dealing with the complexities of their personality traits.

So, wanting to have some alone time or get back to a lively, fun environment isn’t such a tough choice after all.

You follow your heart and be true to yourself, and pick the surroundings that work best for you in that moment. This is the only way you will be able to live your truth and navigate the various intricacies of life.

2. Leaning from One Extreme to Another is a trait of omnivert Personality.

You must have heard the Katy Perry song “Hot N Cold”, haven’t you? Of course, the song isn’t about omnivert personality traits, but the words describe how extreme emotional responses work.

For an omnivert person, their moods or range of emotions changes with such extremities from one day to the next.

So, if you too are dependent on how the external circumstances alter around you, this will affect which side of the spectrum you are on, on that particular day.

Some people may think this to be too extreme or tough to digest, but just as life comes to each of us, we do our best to navigate through it as smoothly as possible.

3. The Change in Social Groups.

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Don’t worry, we are not talking about any ‘Mean Girls’ reference here. Changing social groups as and when it suits your personality is not a bad thing. It only means that you can accept a particular kind of group based on who you are.

Depending on where you are at your ‘social battery levels’, an omnivert person will actively choose the people he or she wishes to have around them.

If you are in the extrovert mode, your choice of social group will include like-minded people; those who are extroverts themselves.

On the other hand, if you are leaning more towards the introvert mode for the day, you would want to either be by yourself or around those who make excellent silent companions.

4. If the Spotlight is Your Friend and Enemy you’re probably an omnivert.

When we say ‘spotlight’, we are not talking about singing karaoke or giving a speech in front of hundreds of people.

A ‘spotlight’ can mean receiving attention, from one or more people, and choosing whether or not it works for you.

Shying away from the spotlight at times can be good for your soul. Not having all those eyes staring back at you to keep the conversation flowing has a certain kind of bliss.

But being away from the spotlight for too long can have an adverse effect and make you wish you could be noticed. A lively conversation between an intimate and/or large group of people, at work, or family members is what you crave now.

5. Omnivert — Two-in-One Personality.

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By now we know how easily an omnivert person can shift from one side to the other. This can make any person seem changeable, unhinged, and tough to gauge at any given day or time.

Plus, without any warning signs, one day can be completely different from the previous. Having jumped from being an introvert to an extrovert, or vice versa, can take a toll on not just yourself but others around you.

It may seem as if you have two different personalities, instead of being an omnivert.

6. Relationship Minefields.

In the world of dating apps, navigating through or being in any kind of relationship takes a lot of hard work, sincerity, and commitment.

Dating, being in a romantic relationship, and friendship is hard as it is. But when you classify yourself as an omnivert, it can throw you and your partner off balance without so much as a warning.

Connecting with people, although it may be easier than before, with equal love and understanding is essential for any relationship to work, and for an omnivert, striking the right balance is critical.

Communication and utmost truth of what you’re experiencing or which side you are on can either make or break things.

7. Listen and Respond.

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Not many of us can be proud to declare this, but having the rare ability to listen, introspect, and respond is something to behold and marvel.

Because an omnivert is attuned to both his or her introvert and extrovert qualities, it helps them be an excellent personality to be around.

Whether you’re at work or among family and friends, you have the capabilities to listen to all sides as an introvert and pick a side as an extrovert.

You are not limited because of either personality traits and make for a brutal yet honest and loyal companion.

8. Omniverts have Variations in Mood.

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Ups and downs, whether in life or in a person’s attitude, are as real as day and night. And when your internal mood alters due to situations or people, it can be deemed as unpredictable or unreliable. However, this is far from the truth.

Who you are as an individual, how you perceive life, and the way you exhibit yourself around others depends on what you feel on the inside.

You should not be held in a negative light just because you chose to be who you truly are on the inside. It is tough to make others understand this dilemma and to a point, you should not be answerable to anyone.

If you are not hurting anyone in the process, there is nothing wrong in being you.

9. Your MBTI Score Varies.

Do you fancy online quizzes? The ones that you can find on Buzzfeed!? Well, you’re not the only one.

Millions of people all across the globe love to take online quizzes in order to find out some secrets about themselves. Just as any other quiz, one of the more popular personality tests is called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

This is an introspective self-report questionnaire which specifies all the variety of psychological preferences that people perceive in the world around them and make decisions accordingly.

For an omnivert, the MBTI score is never the same as the result depends on who they are at that specific time and moment. The answers will vary depending on if they are an introvert or an extrovert, and this can be frustrating at times.

Not being able to pinpoint where you are can create an emotional upheaval.

10. Strike the Right Balance.

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Being pulled one way or the other is tough to work with; whether it is for yourself or others around you. Of course, people can judge you based on what you present to them in that moment, but this high and low synergy can easily be worked upon.

Regardless of whether you’re at work, at home with family and friends, or out in the real world maintaining all sorts of relationships, only you can hold the key to what’s inside.

Your inner self is what makes you, you. No one else can comprehend what it takes to be you, and navigating around others is possible. The voice that comes from inside will tell you which side you are leaning more towards at that time.

You set the tone of how approachable you are to others, how well you work with them, and the manner you deal with your day-to-day life.

When you get the best of both worlds, it becomes easier for you to regroup and refocus on yourself. Being an omnivert proves that you can be more than what society expects of you at all times.

This means you are being true to yourself and can easily alter yourself from one personality trait to another as and when it suits you. However, the cord to find the right balance but still stay true to who you are internally can take its toll.

11. You regret decisions made in that 5-minute extroverted mood.

If you regret your plans made in that 5 minutes super extroverted mood, the high chances are that you might be an omnivert. 

You often feel this sudden urge to talk to someone even if that somebody is a person you rarely have a conversation with. Whenever this extrovert side of yours boils up, you end up texting everyone with a ‘Hi’ to get a shoulder to pour in all the drama and gossip you are holding. 

But as soon as somebody responds back, your introvert side panics, due to too much attention making you lose interest. As a result, you either leave them on read or end the conversation with a small talk. 

This may not be a positive personality trait as others often consider you rude or arrogant without you being one. Being an omnivert is just like, you’re that person who goes to parties to tell others that this is the exact reason why you don’t go to parties, ironic, right?

12. Small Talk- An ally or enemy?

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Omniverts love gossiping when they are out with like-minded people. They can literally go on for hours and hours on any topic according to the environment, be it politics, fashion, work. The way you add drama & excitement to every conversation is what an omnivert is known for. 

But the moment you feel more like being alone or in other words, when you enter your introvert zone, your energy to entertain any type of socializing dies.

Then be it casual gossip or some serious deep conversations. To sum it up, it can be said that you can be either a party popper or a party pooper depending on your mood.

13. You are unpredictable like Rain.

If you’re an omnivert, you must have heard it hundreds of times that you can never figure out what you want. You may be the last person who anyone should ask to decide what to eat or which movie to watch because of your indecisive and unpredictable nature.

Others may see you as a confused personality but this is actually a good trait as you get to see both sides of the world in one life.

Some Saturdays, you socialize like the only existing party animal in the world while on other days you need to lock yourself in your room within a self-created bubble whether it’s Netflix binge-watching, book reading, songs therapy, or just a good sound sleep to recharge yourself for upcoming storms.

14. You love talking but not with everyone.

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If you are an omnivert, chances are that you may have a lot of friends because you love talking and end up making new friends at every new place you socialize but again when your trait of selective participation comes in you portray yourself as a shy or an introvert person who hates talking. 

Confusing, right? But don’t worry, it is usually on you to decide whether you want to refill your social or solitary battery. Because it is tough to make people understand the storm  of mixed feelings that you carry inside of you. 

You don’t need to be rude to separate yourself from the group or to ask someone to cut the call. A simple intimidation of how you feel will work in most cases if the person is mature enough to understand your feelings. 

You don’t need permission or validation on how you feel. In the end, it is you and your mental peace only who is going to stay with you on your bad days.

15. You can easily tell if a person is real or not.

We are not saying that you are someone who knows black magic and who can sneak look inside people’s hearts and minds. It is your double personality trait that gives you this ability. Does this sound scary?

No, it’s not. Being an extrovert gives you an ability to detect if someone is fake or trying to deceit you as you have seen the world closely after being around so many people but on the parallel side, being an introvert enables you to look into their inner self through their actions, behavior, and mood if they are fake for all or it’s just their bad day which is making them behave this way.

You will notice that most of the times your prediction is true that’s why you save yourself from falling into the trap of toxicity and the fake world but at the same time, this trait makes you extra cautious with every person you come across which takes you time to mingle with people who are even genuinely kind to you.

Can a Person Truly be One Personality Trait or Another?

Is that black and white when it comes to categorizing ourselves in this world? The answers to these questions are best left upon individuals who cannot fully lean on one side or the other.

Life throws so many ups and downs our way that tackling it forces us to morph ourselves to the environment as and when it comes at us.

Each individual has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and identifying yourself to a specific personality trait can speak volumes about the same. However, this neither limits your abilities nor does it define who you are a person.

After reading the signs of an omnivert, you may identify yourself as one, but it’s your day-to-day life experiences and mannerisms which truly define you as a human being.

Thank you for sticking with us till the very end.

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