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10 Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

Love is one of the most beautiful and rare emotions a person feels in his or her lifetime. There are very few people in this world who can experience true love and boast to have a special person for life.

However, love can get sour sometimes and all your efforts towards building a relationship turn to only memories.

Whether your two parted ways amicably or not, there will always be residual feelings that are hard to forget.

You can never erase someone and their memories from your mind completely. The deep feelings of love for an individual. It may have been years ago, but it will be a part of your life forever. And because of said feelings, you might be dreaming about your ex.

Although it is a normal occurrence, you might want some answers on why you’re dreaming about him or her and what the true meaning can be.

In this article, we will discuss the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, the hidden reasons why it happens, and what you should do next.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex — What does it mean?

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You are aware that when we sleep at night, we are giving our body, mind, and soul a chance to relax and rejuvenate. So, if you dream about your ex at night, it can be stressful as you’re constantly worrying about the underlying message or reason.

Since you have taken time out to read this article, it is safe to say that you’re sailing in the same boat and want to know what it means to have such dreams.

There can be numerous reasons behind it as each individual, the relationship, its ups and downs, and everything you two have been together is unique from others. Your subconscious mind is trying to give you a sign and now, your brain is trying to find the context behind it.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you’re dreaming about your ex right now.

  • There are unresolved issues between the two of you.
  • If you are currently single, you crave physical intimacy.
  • You regret the mistakes you made in the past with your ex.
  • You are feeling anxious or are unhappy in your new relationship.
  • Your current emotional state is not permitting you to move on from your ex.
  • There are unresolved issues or emotional baggage from the past relationship.
  • The subconscious mind is craving for some closure.

Our dreams are the gateway for the Universe to send us a message. You cannot easily forget the amazing moments the person and the moments you spent with him or her.

There will always be some sentiments in your heart which are making it impossible for you to move on.

10 Spiritual Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex

Navigating through life in today’s world, knowing what we know and trying to figure it all out in the meantime, can be tough. And to top it all, if you have been having vivid dreams about your ex then it has the tendency to leave you baffled.

The actual dream can vary from one another. You might have a dream about being happy together, having intimate relations, fighting with each other, etc.; the possibilities are endless. Regardless of what the dream is, there are certain spiritual meanings attached to it.

Here, we shall discuss 10 Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex and why it happen. Your job is to figure out which one, if not all, apply to you.

1. You Two Shared a Special Bond.

As human beings, we are constantly in search of a person who can match or complement us; the way we think, feel, act, react, behave, and live. Oftentimes, we call them our soulmates and finding one in this lifetime is a blessing.

If you had such a bond with your ex, chances are that ending the relationship was tough on both of you. When you connect with someone mentally, psychologically, and spiritually, the bond may never break, even if the union has.

The connection stays there, perhaps not as strong as before, but due to its profound impact in your life, you are finding it difficult to break the link. And due to this link, you may dream about your ex from time to time when other aspects of your life start to get too much for you to handle.

2. Your Immediate Thoughts Before You Go to Bed.

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What we do during the entire day and right before we go to bed matters a lot on how soundly we sleep.

If you’ve had a long, hard day and after you returned home, the evening and the moments leading up to your sleep were not too pleasant.

All of this information and constant battle in your mind with restlessness, fatigue, and past experiences can accumulate and project itself through your subconsciousness.

Certain points can trigger a memory of a specific person, in this case your ex, which can take you back to reliving it in your dreams.

So, instead of having any spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, the message or context is simply about you in that moment.

Perhaps what you are dreaming about is not an experience or person, but there are emotions attached to the experiences you had right before falling asleep.

3. You Are Comparing a New Relationship with the Old One.

It is natural to make comparisons among people, especially when it is a romantic union. You will either believe that the new relationship and the significant other is better than the old one, or vice versa.

Living with these thoughts and emotions can have a huge impact on our subconscious mind, and hence, it reflects or shows itself through our dreams.

Even though you might be dreaming about your ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be with him or her or are harboring any romantic feelings.

In fact, your subconscious mind is trying to figure out whether or not this new relationship is worth all the efforts or not. By comparison, your brain is accessing if you made a mistake by ending the old relationship or starting a new one.

4. You Are Unable to Move on With Your Life.

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When a relationship ends, most of us prefer to deal with our emotions the best way we can. Everybody has a way to work through a difficult end of a relationship, and we should always respect the process.

However, what if you’re finding it difficult to move on with your life because you’re constantly dreaming about your ex?

If you are experiencing a hostile dream—a fight, use of unpleasant words, stalking—it can point towards you being stuck in your actual life.

5. Your Ex is the One That Got Away.

Many times, in the heat of the moment or due to circumstances, people end their relationships with the one they considered to be “the one”. It can be due to misunderstandings, error in judgment, or perhaps you two just went your separate ways.

Even though you two are not together, it doesn’t mean that your feelings for one another are completely gone. Sometimes, it takes being apart to actually know how good you had the first time.

Since you are searching for a spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, it doesn’t get better than this.

In your heart, even to this day, your ex is the only one that made an impact and those feelings of true love are embedded into your heart, mind, and soul. If this is what you believe to be the truth, it is a marvelous feeling to have and experience.

6. You Are Not Over Your Ex.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex
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One of the most common reasons you’re dreaming about your ex is because technically, you are still in love with him or her.

Your brain and heart are both telling you that there might still be a chance you two can get back together. And when you’re constantly thinking about your ex and keeping the hope alive, it will directly translate into your dreams.

We are always shown the way through our hearts and minds, and when you repeatedly think and dream about someone, it can take over every aspect of your life.

This is the right chance to reflect not on the outside, but take a deep look within yourself. The true meaning will be hidden deep inside your heart and it will give you the answers you’re searching for.

7. You Wish to Apologize to Your Ex.

During some dreams, we often experience speaking to someone but the words just don’t come out. Have you had a dream about your ex where you wish to apologize to him or her? Are you able to do so, or are the words just not able to come out of your mouth?

Wanting to apologize to your ex, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t mean you wish to do so in real life. In fact, this is your subconscious mind cooking up scenarios you wish you could live in actuality.

If you had or have said something to your ex that you regret, or in fact apologized in real life, the dream is simply enacting the scenario once more.

8. Your Relationship Ended on a Sour Note.

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Arguments and disagreements are common in relationships, but if the issues were much more serious than that, perhaps the separation was not amicable. Obviously, there will be trauma, toxic thoughts, and residual anger left in your heart and mind.

If you never got a chance to speak from your heart you parted ways, chances are your mind is playing tricks on you and is conjuring your ex for a reason.

You are putting yourself back in the same position in order to get the closure you didn’t get.

9. You Are Single at the Moment.

It is natural to think about your ex when you’re alone or have had a bad date. It’s a sad truth but dating is tough and finding a new partner who can truly understand you is tough.

Due to your current situation, you have not only been thinking about your ex but are dreaming about him or her as well. Here, the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex is that you’re looking for a loving and honest companion; who is not necessarily your ex.

The heart is gentle and it wants to be loved, cared for, and adored, and that is the only reason why your mind can’t stop dreaming about your ex.

10. Your New Partner Has Similar Qualities of Your Ex.

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Have you ever heard that most people have “a type”? If you haven’t heard this term before, let us explain. “Having a type” means we look for attributes in a new partner that are very similar to our exes.

If you are currently in a new relationship and if he or she is behaving in the same manner as your ex, it is obvious that you will make comparisons. The constant thoughts running through your brain is the root of your dreams about the ex.

6 Things to Do If You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

Unwanted dreams about your ex can lead to issues while you’re awake. Instead of it taking over your life, take the necessary steps to get out of this cycle.

Now that you have all the information about the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, here are 6 things to do next.

1) Talk or message your ex and hash out any issues that you may have left unspoken from the past. Clear your consciousness in order to leave the old memories where they belong, in the past.

2) Write down about your dreams in a journal and talk to a therapist or a counselor. Keeping them hidden in your heart will weigh in on you and it’ll only create issues later on.

3) If you are in a new relationship, speak to your current partner about this. Just because you are dreaming about your ex doesn’t mean you are cheating on your current partner or wish to hurt them in any way. In fact, this honest and open conversation will only bring the two of you closer.

4) Take as much time as you want to properly process these feelings. Do not rush yourself to stop dreaming about ex as it will only make you impatient.

5) If you have recurring dreams, let them come and pass you by. Do not give them too much attention and go about your day as you normally would.

6) Let go of any negative emotions you may have about your ex and the relationship in its entirety. What has already passed and happened cannot be changed. You do not have any control over the past.

From now on, focus on a brighter future where you are surrounded with love, light, and happiness.

Conclusion: Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex

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Thank you for reading our article on the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex. Now, we have arrived at the end. If you believe there are unresolved feelings from your previous relationship, then you already know what your next steps are.

At this moment, you may or may not still have romantic feelings for your ex and that is quite alright. The circumstances upon which your relationship ended has a lot to say about your dreams.

You can choose to follow your heart and figure out how you tackle this situation, or ignore it completely and move on with your life.

Either way, you need to follow the path that brings utmost peace to your heart. A mind can wander in various directions and it is up to us how we choose to respond to its ever changing preferences.

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